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Amongst Women

By John McGahern

Published Dec 1990



A woman would be able to help you in ways I can’t, he said.

There’s only so much a man can do on his own.


Once an officer in the Irish War for Independence, Moran is now a widower, eking out a living on a small farm where he raises his two sons and three daughters.  Adrift from the structure and security of the military, he keeps control by binding his family close to him.  But as his children grow older and seek independence, and as the passing years bring with them bewildering change, Moran struggles to find a balance between love and tyranny.


John McGahern is widely considered to be one of Ireland’s greatest writers, with fans including John Updike, Hilary Mantel, Colm Tóibín and John Banville.

Often hailed as his greatest work, Amongst Women is a poignant novel of family and togetherness.


A masterpiece…It is the sort of book which you can give to anyone of any age and know that they will be changed by it.

Colm Tóibín