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Appeasing Hitler. Chamberlain, Churchill and the Road to War

By Tim Bouverie

Published Sep 2019


On a wet afternoon in September 1938, Neville Chamberlain stepped off an aeroplane and announced that his visit to Hitler had averted the greatest crisis in recent memory and secured ‘peace for our time’.

Less than a year after the British prime minister’s return from Munich, Germany invaded Poland and the Second World War began.

Appeasing Hitler is a compelling new narrative history of the disastrous years of indecision, failed diplomacy and parliamentary infighting that enabled Nazi domination of Europe. Drawing on deep archival research, including previously unseen sources, Tim Bouverie has created an unforgettable portrait of the ministers, aristocrats and amateur diplomats who, through their actions and inaction, shaped their country’s policy and determined the fate of Europe.

Both sweeping and intimate, Appeasing Hitler is not only an eye-opening history but a timeless lesson on the challenges of standing up to aggression and authoritarianism – and the calamity that results from failing to do so.

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