Jacket for 'Babylonia'


UK - Michael Joseph
US - Sourcebooks
Canada - HarperCollins
Romania - Editura TREI


By Costanza Casati

Published Jun 2024

There are whispers of her fame, in the land long since turned to dust. The Queen who rose from nothing – and changed everything . . .


Ancient Assyria, 9th century BC. An orphan is raised on the outskirts of a brutal empire. Heir to a tragic prophecy, Semiramis dreams of wielding power and escaping her destiny. 


Far away, a reluctant prince walks the corridors of his gilded palace in a city built by the gods. Ninus would rather spend his time in books and poetry than conquering the world of men. But when he meets Onnes, a broken, beautiful soldier, something shifts. And as they grow into young men, their friendship deepens into something fiercer.


That is until Semiramis arrives, throwing their fragile world into chaos. A savage love soon grows between them all. When their lives are caught up in a brutal war, jealousy and passion will force their hand: bend the world – and one another – to the will of the gods, or what doesn’t bend, destroy.

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