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Before You Die

By Samantha Hayes

Published Jun 2014

Eighteen months ago, nineteen-year-old Simon Hawkeswell hung himself at his family home. He had had the perfect life, and seemed to have the perfect future ahead of him. The reasons behind his death remain a mystery.

Simon’s parents and his local community are still haunted by his death and by the spate of suicides among teenagers in the area around the same time. But this is all over now – or is it? – a question that becomes particularly relevant when a young homeless man is killed in a freak motorbike accident, and the authorities find a suicide note in his belongings.

Can this be the beginning of more suicides? Detective Inspector Lorraine Fisher has just arrived to stay with her sister in rural Warwickshire. The atmosphere within the house is tense and edgy: Lorraine’s sister Jo is having an extra-marital affair, and her teenage son, Freddie, seems troubled and uncommunicative.

A second homeless lad takes his own life, this time on the railway tracks outside the village. And when Freddie disappears, Lorraine knows she must act quickly if she’s to ascertain whether the teenage deaths are suicide – or murder. And if she’s to find Freddie, before it’s too late …

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