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Bella Poldark

By Winston Graham

Published Jan 2010

The Final Poldark Novel

Cornwall, 1818 – 1820

This is the brilliant, powerful, humourous and elegantly ironic finale of the Poldark saga. It is the story of Valentine Warleggan, the wayward, perverse son of George, whose existence keeps open the old wounds in the feud between Ross and George, and of one of his frequent love affairs, which goes badly awry and ends in tragedy. It is the story of Bella, the Poldark’s youngest daughter, who, born with a precocious talent, is determined to make her name as a singer – this objective being deeply complicated by the appearance of French conductor Maurice Valéry, who has more in mind than simply exploiting her talent. It is the story of Clowance, the Poldark’s widowed daughter, who meets Philip Pridaux, a mysterious figure who emerges from the shadow of the Battle of Waterloo and wishes to marry her.

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