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Blood in Eden

By Peter Tremayne

Published Jul 2019



Ireland, AD 672.  The hamlet of Cloichin is said to be a veritable Eden, with its prosperous farms and close-knit, friendly community.  But when Sister Fidelma and Eadulf arrive, a new priest has ordered the villagers to lynch a man accused of murdering a local farmer, his wife and two sons.  The only evidence they hold against him is the fact that he is a stranger to their land.

Fidelma confronts the priest and saves the man’s life, determined that the villagers must give the newcomer a fair trial.  But there is to be more blood in Eden and more lives will be lost as the priest manipulates the people of Cloichin against one another.  As long-standing friends become new-found enemies, and on one knows who to trust, Fidelma must do everything she can to find out who is the real serpent in their midst…