Jacket for 'Blood Stones'


UK - Open Road

Blood Stones

By Evelyn Anthony

Published Jan 2016

The diamond industry explodes in anarchy when a cache of rare gems is discovered in Russia in this intellectual thriller

At London’s Diamond Enterprises, a major crisis is brewing: In the tundra of northern Russia, a newly discovered mine is producing a cache of flawless, five-carat red diamonds. These dazzling "blood stones" are beyond price, and powerful jeweler Ivan Karakov is about to sign an exclusive contract with Moscow to sell the gems. He must be stopped before he destabilizes the market and sends the industry plunging into free fall.

With the future of Diamond Enterprises at risk, its employees start scrambling for power. Young, ambitious James Hastings-whose beautiful wife, Elizabeth, is his most powerful asset as well as his most dangerous weakness-is sent to Russia to negotiate with Karakov. Chairman Julius Heyderman, haunted by his tragic past and troubled daughter, returns from South Africa to deal with longtime adversary Arthur Harris. Reece, trapped in a relationship he can’t control, is universally hated by all at DE, while Ray Andrews seeks redemption for a terrible mistake and Ruth Fraser sleeps her way to the top in hopes of becoming DE’s first female leader.

A riveting tale of greed, betrayal, and industrial espionage, Blood Stones reveals how much people are willing to sacrifice for money.