Jacket for 'Bloodborn'


UK - Hodder
Germany - Random House
Netherlands - De Fontein
Italy - Fanucci


By Kathryn Fox

Published Jan 2010

When fourteen year old Sophie Goodwin suffers a horrific sexual attack – one that leaves her sister dead – forensic physician Dr. Anya Crichton is called in to examine the evidence. Suspicion quickly falls on the Harbourns, career criminals well known to police and judges alike, but with the family, led by the formidable matriarch Noelene, putting up a united front, getting to the bottom of things is proving tougher than expected. When three of the Harbourns are arrested for the attacks, things go from bad to worse, as they use every trick in the book to stall the trial and wriggle off the hook – inadvertently helped by the judge, a man notoriously unsympathetic to sexual assault victims and Anya’s friend, defence lawyer Dan Brody. Can Anya and Dan come together to see justice done? Will Sophie’s attackers ever pay the price for their crimes? Or will the Harbourns get away with murder?