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The Boy who Lived with the Dead

By Kate Ellis

Published Dec 2018



It is 1920 and Scotland Yard detective DI Albert Lincoln is still reeling from the disturbing events of the previous year.  Trapped in a loveless marriage and tired of his life in London, he’s pleased when he’s called to a new case in North West England.

Before the war, he led the unsuccessful investigation into the murder of little Jimmy Rudyard in the village of Mabley Ridge.

Now a woman has been murdered there and another child is missing, the sole witness being a traumatised boy who lives in a cemetery lodge.  Albert’s first investigation was a failure but this time he is determined to find the truth…and the missing child.

As Albert delves into the lives of the village residents, he uncovers shocking secrets and obsessions.  With the help of a village schoolmistress with her own secret past, Albert closes in on Jimmy’s killer.

Then, as more bodies are discovered, he realises that his young witness from the cemetery lodge is in grave danger, from somebody he calls ‘the Shadow Man’.  And as he discovers more about the victims, he finds information that might bring him a step closer to solving a mystery of his own: the whereabouts of his lost son.