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Burn Mark

By Laura Powell

Published Jun 2012

The new series from the author of The Game of Triumphs, Burn Mark blends the familiar with the fantastical in a gripping thriller.

In a world where the government has for centuries employed witches as spies, counter-terrorist operatives and security consultants, Lucas Stearne’s father is a top civil servant in the Inquisition, now re-named the Department of Witchcrime Security. Lucas is desperate to follow in his father’s footsteps, and the discovery that he is himself a witch shatters all his dreams and plans. Desperate to prove himself, he accepts a covert assignment from MI5 to infiltrate one of the most feared criminal witch clans in the world, The Wednesday Coven.

Glory Wilde’s family operate on the wrong side of the law: her two formidable aunts head The Wednesday Coven. Glory’s mum was sidelined by her older sisters and Glory is determined to regain her rightful place at the top of the hierarchy. When Lucas and Glory meet, each has their own personal agenda to pursue. But the game both are playing is one with deadly consequences.