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Caitlin: Life with Dylan Thomas

Published Jan 2010

Written with Caitlin Thomas, Dylan Thomas’s widow.

For thirty years after Dylan’s death, Caitlin Thomas refused to discuss their marriage with any biographer. Then George Tremlett – a family friend – persuaded her that the story must be told. The result is an astounding autobiography in which Caitlin Thomas reveals in honest, even brutal detail, how much of the story had been left out or glossed over – for only Caitlin knew and she would not tell.

We get a new perspective on the drunkennes, the debts, the fights and infidelities, on the character of genius and on the nature of a love that was as sordid and destructive as it was passionate and tender. Not only does Caitlin stand as a unique testament to an extraordinary love: it makes all previous biographies of Dylan Thomas seem out of date.