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UK - Virago

Caldicott Place

By Noel Streatfeild


When Tim’s father is injured, life suddenly changes for the Johnstones.  Unable to afford their home, the family moves to a small London flat.  Tim is heartbroken that he cannot take his dog, Jelly.  Carol, a promising dancer, must leave her ballet school.  Billy is only thirteen, but in his father’s absence he feels responsible for everyone.  And their mother is anxious about her husband’s recovery.


Then, in a twist of fate, a small act of kindness leads to Tim inheriting a country house where the whole family – including Jelly – can live together.  But how can they afford it?

Caldicott Place is in desperate need of repair.  When a solution is found – looking after wealthy children in the school holidays – Tim, Carol and Bill dread sharing their new home with spoiled rich children.  But unexpected friendships can be made even in the unlikeliest circumstances.

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