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Charles Waterton 1782-1865. Traveller and Conservationist

By Julia Blackburn

Published Feb 2014

Charles Waterton was the first conservationist who fought to protect wild nature against the destruction and pollution of Victorian industrialisation. During his lifetime he was famous for his eccentricities, but also for his achievements and his opinions. A Yorkshire landowner, he turned his park into a sanctuary for animals and birds. As an explorer he learned to survive in the tropical rain forests of South America without a gun or the society of other white men.

Since his death the memory of Waterton’s personal eccentricities has flourished, while the originality of his ideas and work has often suffered. Using his surviving papers Julia Blackburn has redressed the balance in a biography that restores Waterton to his place as the first conservationist of the modern age.

Superbly entertaining and scrupulously honest.

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