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Chateau Ella

By Hilary Norman

Published Dec 2014

Chateau Ella traces the tumultuous history of Krisztina, born in Hungary in the midst of savage violence. Abandoned by her doomed mother, Krisztina finds success and love in the heady world of ballroom dancing. Betrayed by her father, she escapes to Alsace to her husband’s chateau, where, brought to the edge of despair by wartime tragedies, Krisztina transforms the chateau into a legendary hotel.

Ella, daughter of Krisztina’s second marriage, grows up amidst luxury and privilege. But threads of sinister secrets from the past weave themselves into the fabric of her life, compelling Ella to travel to America to establish a new life – and another grand hotel that will become known as Chateau Ella.

There, in the Hudson River Valley, seven decades of turbulent history finally explode in a shocking climax.

A whopping novel-length journey back in time, a tale of blood and woe… Ms Norman is an accomplished novelist.

New York Times Book Review

Glamorous, amorous, tender and terrifying, not to be missed.

Vanessa Feltz , Jewish Chronicle