Jacket for 'Clandara'


UK - Open Road


By Evelyn Anthony

Published Jan 2016

A Macdonald Romance

Lovers are torn apart by war in this passionate, action-packed romance set during the Jacobite uprising

Beautiful, headstrong Katharine Fraser has done the unthinkable: She has fallen in love with the eldest son of her father’s longtime enemy. A nobleman with a notorious past, James Macdonald of Dundrenan is ready to sacrifice his home and heritage for the woman he loves. But fate has other plans. The struggle to restore Bonny Prince Charles to the throne results in a fiery call to arms across Scotland, and Katharine and James’s wedding day ends in savage murder. Driven apart by tragedy, James vows his allegiance to the prince against the invading British Army and Katharine embarks on a path of revenge that will lead her into the arms of another man and far from her beloved girlhood home of Clandara.

Against the backdrop of eighteenth-century Scotland, from the ashes of a battlefield to the ruins of a magnificent ancestral castle, Katharine and James-torn apart by betrayal, bound by a love stronger than hate-will fight for their homeland.