Jacket for 'Close'


UK - Severn House


By Bill James


I found I  had a flair for tag-along, street level stealth.  It thrilled me.  It killed me.  Do you mind if I tell you how?


Thomas Wells Hart drifted into a dodgy career as a private investigator and grew clever at tailing suspects and all the other tricks at the game.  Not quite clever enough, however.  Coming across Hart’s shot-up body, Detective Chief Superintendent Colin Harpur and Assistant Chief Constable Des Iles have to work out their own explanation as to how he came to be executed behind the wheel of a Ford Focus in a quiet suburban street.

The trail will lead them through illegal art trading, big-bucks money laundering – and more murder.  As ever, Iles suspects Harpur is hiding essential facts from him.  As eve, Harpur is hiding essential facts from his boss.  Will the mismatched pair manage to close the case?

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