Jacket for 'Compulsion'


UK - Piatkus
Germany - Lübbe


By Hilary Norman

Published Jan 2010

Frankie Barnes led a life of torment until she found the perfect career to suit her obsession with hygiene. As a cleaner, she could scrub away at her clients’ homes, be paid and even valued for her pains.

But Frankie suffers from other compulsions too, above all the need to have. The minute she saw Roz Bailey’s house, she knew she had to have it, no matter what. But to an obsessive-compulsive like Frankie, killing and its grisly, terrifying consequences are more than she bargained for. If she doesn’t find somewhere new to live, Frankie’s going to lose her mind completely.

Speech therapist Alex Levin and builder Jude Brown have both survived tragedies. Thrown together by a workmate’s accident, they’re both working hard at reshaping their lives – and sometimes, hardworking people need a little help around the house.

Alex has never met anyone who loves cleaning as much as Frankie Barnes.

And Alex’s home is the prettiest cottage Frankie’s ever laid eyes on……………..