Jacket for 'Contact Wounds: A War Surgeon’s Education'

Contact Wounds: A War Surgeon’s Education

By Jonathan Kaplan

Published Jan 2010

As with The Dressing Station, Contact Wounds takes the reader to the front-line in the fight against disease and the horrifying damage inflicted upon men by other men in conflicts around the world. Over the years Kaplan, a skilled war surgeon, has witnessed death in all its guises, losing not only patients, but also friends and colleagues. Yet despite his account of daily horrors, Kaplan maintains his wry humour and unflinching humanity engaging the reader with compelling stories and brilliant writing. From South Africa to Iraq, from Malaysia to Israel, Contact Wounds is a stirring testament of survival – a visceral account of a career devoted to saving people caught in the crossfire of war, but also a thought-provoking book revealing the uncertainties of war surgery in the 21st century.

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