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UK - Severn House

Curtain Call

By Graham Hurley

Published Jan 2019


Two desperate journeys.

One unscripted finale.


Thirty-nine-year-old Enora Andresson is a successful actress and a woman in her prime.  But for how long? Tests have revealed an aggressive brain tumour that could kill her.


Already struggling with the wreckage of her marriage and a strained relationship with her teenage son, Malo, she hasn’t anticipated the appearance of investigative journalist Mitch Culligan on her doorstep.  Mitch is writing a book about entrepreneur and one-time drug baron Hayden Prentice – a multi-millionaire who once crossed paths with Enora, and whom Mitch believes has helped fund the push to take the UK out of Europe.  Mitch is determined to expose the murky swirl of politics, power and influence around Brexit – but in order to do so, he needs Enora’s help…

Enora must confront her past while facing a deeply uncertain future.  Can she survive near-impossible odds?

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