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The Day She Disappeared

By Christobel Kent

Published May 2017

Beth and Nat – chalk and cheese, the party girl and the homebody – are unlikely best friends, working alongside each other in a country pub. So when Beth walks away from her whole life – her apartment, her clothes, her lovers, missed appointments and most worryingly of all, her mobile phone –  Nat’s bewilderment soon turns to fear.


Although the police don’t seem interested, Nat isn’t the only one increasingly convinced that something terrible has happened to Beth. Victor for one, an elderly, vulnerable pub-goer who is struggling with estrangement from his beloved daughter, is trying to make sense of a man he has seen in the wrong place at the wrong time when he is taken gravely ill.


And there is someone else who knows beyond doubt what has happened to Beth: as he watches Nat and Victor edge closer to the truth of her disappearance, her murderer is right behind them. And then a body is found – only it isn’t Beth.