Jacket for 'Deadly Games'


UK - Piatkus
Germany - Gustav Lubbe Verlag
Netherlands - House of Books
Poland - Prosyznki I S-KA
Israel - Or Am Publishers

Deadly Games

By Hilary Norman

Published Jan 2010

Criminal justice professor Jake Woods is shocked by the disappearance of the son of good friends. Attempting to help, he uncovers a similar case in New York, where Lydia Johanssen is going through hell because her 16 year old son has vanished. Soon the national missing persons database reveals more related cases, teenagers with three things in common: good looks, athleticism – and the fact that each has received an anonymous gift of Limbo, a violent bestselling computer game.

As a single father Jake identifies with Lydia’s plight. But his involvement brings great danger. For this is a kidnapper for whom the margins between reality and fantasy have blurred beyond recognition: To him, it’s all just a game…