Jacket for 'Doglands'


UK - Andersen


By Tim Willocks

Published Sep 2012

Live without a collar, and every man will turn his hand against you.

Of all the places a pup can be born, nowhere is worse than the prison camp for greyhounds the dogs call Dedbone’s Hole. If you’re the wrong kind of dog, they don’t just kill you, they throw you in the pit. Furgul and his three sisters are the wrong kind of dog – while their mother is a champion, their father is an outlaw. But Furgul has too many mysteries to solve to go down without a fight.

Who was his father?

What does it mean to run with the winds?

What – and where – are the Doglands?

Defying death, and in spite of sorrow, Furgul runs the Doglines on an epic adventure into the unknown.