Jacket for 'Dogstar Rising'


UK - Bloomsbury
France - Seuil
Netherlands - De Geus
Turkey - Kirmizi Kedi Yayincilik

Dogstar Rising

By Parker Bilal

Published Feb 2013

A gripping new Makana mystery set against the backdrop of a country on the brink of revolution…

It is the summer of 2001 and in Cairo’s crowded streets the heat is rising. The unresolved murders of young homeless boys are fanning the embers of religious hatred. As tensions mount, Makana – who fled his home in Sudan a decade ago – has a premonition that history may be about to repeat itself. Then he witnesses a brutal killing and attracts the attention of both the state security services and a dangerous gangster family. Makana’s search for answers takes him from the labyrinths of Cairo to the ancient city of Luxor and an abandoned monastery in the desert, into a web of intrigue and violence.