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Dummy.  The Comedy and Chaos of Real-Life Parenting

By Matt Coyne

Published Apr 2017

There is a reason why this particular message echoes… why so many can find their own experience in between the aching balls and nipple confusion, and the reason is as conclusive as it is striking.…

Most new parents haven’t got the faintest f*cking clue what they’re doing.

Sure, there are the super-parents, the bland routiners, the perfect arseholes raising their cookie-cutter children using colour-coded charts and whatever the f*ck the ‘pick up – put down’ method is.

But, that’s not us.


In September 2015, Matt Coyne’s partner, Lyn, gave birth to their first child, Charlie. One night, three months later, sleep deprived, his eyes still stinging from baby pee and knocked sideways by the realities that the baby books hadn’t prepared him for, Matt stumbled to his computer and wrote a post on Facebook. In the months since then Matt’s facebook page, Man Versus Baby, has attracted over 120,000 followers and has a total reach of over 7 million.


That first post went viral (shared by no less than Ashton Kutcher!): it was picked up by newspapers here and abroad, Matt was even interviewed for Australian television. It’s not hard to see the appeal – Matt’s prose reads like a cross between the bestselling Go the F** to Sleep and Judd Apatow’s Knocked Up.


Honest, funny and incredibly warm-hearted – this is the parenting guide for real people.


One of the best descriptions of fatherhood I’ve ever read.

Ashton Kutcher

Hilariously honest…takes the internet by storm.


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