Jacket for 'Dylan Thomas: In the Mercy of His Means'


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Dylan Thomas: In the Mercy of His Means

Published Jan 2010

Dylan Thomas was a major poet. His appeal was far wider and more popular than other great contemporary poets, such as Auden or Eliot. After his death, his reputation as a person was destroyed by one book, John Malcolm Brinnin’s Dylan Thomas in America, which portrayed him as a drunken adulterer, liar and thief who had lost control of his talents. As other books were written, George Tremlett formed the belief that a web of misunderstood anecdotes lay at the heart of the Thomas myth. Eventually, he persuaded Mrs Thomas to tell her side of the story in the book Caitlin (1986), which they wrote together.

George Tremlett tells the whole story in this penetrating new biography which traces the way in which Dylan Thomas’s reputation became distorted, and then looks back over his life reassembling the evidence, introducing much new material, and documenting his sources to form a convincing new portrait.