Jacket for 'Easy Peasy'


UK - Bloomsbury
US - St Martin's Press
France - Editions Liana Levi
Denmark - Lindhardt og Ringhof, DBC medier
Greece - Metaihmio

Easy Peasy

By Lesley Glaister

Published Jan 2010

Zelda Dawkins’ life has changed a lot in one evening. Soaking in her bath, she doesn’t know whether to feel more distressed by the news of her father’s suicide or by her suspicions that her lover, Foxy, is sleeping with another woman.

But unlike her affections for Foxy, Zelda’s feelings towards her father, a former Japanese POW, are confused. By her father’s death she is forced to re-examine their relationship. When she discovers her father’s diary, the secrets she finds there only raise more questions about her family’s past.