Jacket for 'Eat My Globe'


UK - John Murray
US - Simon & Schuster
Germany - Ullstein
Estonia - Tänapäev

Eat My Globe

By Simon Majumdar

Published Jan 2010

Things to do before I die:
Run a marathon, live in Spain, have a suit made and

Simon Majumdar has a culinary obsession – he’s on a mission to eat the best food in the world. All of it, even the oddly shaped bits.

He goes in search of the ultimate taste experience and tries steaming pots of crayfish in Iceland, intestines in Argentina, delectable candied aubergine in China and the infamous Philly cheese steak in the US.

From street vendors and farmers to deli kings and fancy chefs, Simon meets fellow obsessives who devote their lives to food and welcome him into their kitchens.

Join Simon on the eating odyssey of a lifetime…