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Eat Your Heart Out

By Felicity Lawrence

Published Jan 2010

Who decides what we eat?
How are corporations shaping our bodies, our minds and the future of the planet?

In just half a century, our diets have completely changed. Now a handful of ingredients, some of them barely used as food before the war, crop up in everything from baby food to cat food to processed meals. What happened? How did corn, soya, sugar, palm oil and factory meat come to invade our diets?
Eat Your Heart Out is an exposé of how big business took control of what hundreds of millions of people consume – and how few of us even noticed. Crossing the glove in search of agribusiness’s darkest secrets, Felicity Lawrence uncovers some startling facts and answers not a few curious questions along the way.

Why might sugar be as bad for us as tobacco?
Why were cereals accused of being no more nutritious than their packets?
Why do salmon farmers dye their fish?
Why did a soap company make margarine?

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