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Eating for Britain. A Journey into the Heart (and Belly) of the Nation

By Simon Majumdar

Published Jan 2010

Home is where the belly is. But what sort of home serves up roast beef, balti and Cullen skink? Britain is, without question, a strange place.
Half-Welsh, half-Bengali Yorkshire lad, Simon Majumdar is on an adventure to discover his home: to find out what British food reveals about the identity of the nation and to discover what dishes would make the perfect day of British eating. He celebrates the gastronomic glories of the nation, and the farmers, fishermen, brewers, bakers, cheese makers and chefs who have given the British reason to love their food again.
Join Simon as he becomes a judge at the Great British Pie Competition (naturally), fishes for crabs off the coast of Norfolk, meets the creator of the chicken tikka masala and spends a day in the kitchen of London’s oldest restaurant. With only his hunger to guide him, Simon sets out on an epic journey to find the meaning of eating British.

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