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Empire of the Moghul: Raiders from the North

By Alex Rutherford

Published Jan 2010

Eleven is a young age to inherit a kingdom. But that is exactly what happens to Babur, when his father dies accidentally, and he finds himself ruler of Ferghana, a province in central Asia. Almost at once courtiers are plotting against him to steal his throne – even kill him; this is to set a pattern for the rest of his life. Pushed from the throne by his half brother, Babur lives in exile, training his men into a superb fighting force, he besieges Kabul. When he gains the city, he lays the foundations for one of the greatest Empires of all time. Raiders From the North, the first in the Moghul series, charts the rise of an empire under the nomadic and opportunistic Babur. From his success in Kabul, the conqueror and his men (now 20,000 strong) will swarm through the icy passes of Afghanistan, over the Indus and into northern India with Delhi in their sights. This is the first chapter in the Moghuls’ story – an unparalleled, exotic tale of overwhelming passion, set against a world of imperious patriarchs, jealous sons and powerful, charismatic women dominating court politics from behind the silken screens of the harem.

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