Jacket for 'Exhibit A'

Exhibit A

By Sarah Lotz

Published Dec 2012

Georgie Allen, Cape Town’s worst-dressed lawyer-cum-used-car-dealer-cum-caffeine addict, has a lot on his plate. Saddled with a skedonk of a car, a case file full of no-hopers, and a bitter ex who’s out for revenge, the last thing he needs is to take on another pro bono case. But when a gorgeous stranger asks for help after her sister accuses a policeman of raping her in a police cell, he’s unable to resist. Together with his unruly sidekick, Advocate Patrick McLennan (aka the Poison Dwarf), and a tenacious township mongrel, Georgie heads off into the platteland to investigate. But things aren’t as simple as they first appear, and the threesome soon find themselves enmeshed in a conspiracy of lies, small-town prejudice, corruption and bad coffee in their pursuit of ever-elusive truth and justice. Harrowing and hilarious, Exhibit A is a witty, fast-paced, contemporary legal drama with teeth.