Jacket for 'Fight Back'


UK - Quercus

Fight Back

By Anna Smith

Published Feb 2019


Family is everything.  What would you do to protect them?


Kerry Casey is now a fully-fledged gangland boss.  With her business partner Sharon and her wily lawyer Marty at her side, she is busy ridding her organisation of the drug-dealing, people-trafficking scum her dead brother Mickey got them involved with.  But her great dream is still to take the Caseys straight.

Her plan hinges on building a property empire in Spain.  But Kerry has some deadly rivals – in Glasgow, on the Costa del Sol, and even further afield.  They will never believe she has what it takes to defend her turf, and they won’t rest until the Caseys are destroyed.

When the unthinkable happens and her enemies strike at the very heart of the Casey family, Kerry must prepare for the fight of her life – for her business, her friends and her own survival.