Jacket for 'Finding Henry Applebee'


UK - HarperCollins

Finding Henry Applebee

By Celia Reynolds

Published Oct 2019


Harold Fry meets Brief Encounter in this charming and poignant debut.

‘She’s why you’re going to Edinburgh, isn’t she? I knew there must be a reason why you had to be on this train!’

Henry blinked. He hoped he hadn’t come across from the outset as some sort of eccentric old fool.

He took a breath. Felt the words gathering inside him.

‘Yes,’ he replied, ‘it’s all part of the story. A small story, perhaps, but it’s my story. One that’s shaped my world for the last sixty-five years.’

Henry Applebee is ailing, alone, and in love. After decades of searching, he boards a train from London to Edinburgh to find the woman he can’t forget, a woman who disappeared from his life after a whirlwind encounter sixty-five years earlier.

His objective is simple: to make amends for a terrible mistake… But when Henry crosses paths with Ariel, a teenager travelling from Wales to Edinburgh to fulfil her mother’s dying wish, and Travis, a charismatic New Yorker, his well-meaning quest takes an unexpected turn.

What follows is a confession. And a secret… And soon, what began as one humble journey will catapult Henry into a bright new world…