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The First Time Lauren Pailing Died

By Alyson Rudd

Published Jul 2019


Lauren Pailing grew up with a secret. As a young girl, peering through sunbeams, she would catch brief glimpses of herself and her family and friends: sneak previews of another life. She believes that when a person dies before their time, they don’t go to an afterlife. They wake up in a new life as similar as possible to the one they left behind.

When Lauren tragically dies at the age of 13, her devastated parents Bob and Vera mourn the death of their only child. But Lauren’s belief holds true, and her life goes on. It is similar, but with minute and crucial differences. And then tragedy strikes again… As her lives unfold, each full of love and sorrow, opportunities grasped and missed, with different versions of what is and what could be, one essential mystery remains the same. Lauren is determined to find the answer.

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