Jacket for 'Fludd'


UK - Penguin
US - Henry Holt


By Hilary Mantel

Published Jan 2010

One dark and stormy night in 1956, a stranger named Fludd mysteriously turns up in the village of Fetherhoughton. He is the curate sent by the bishop to assist Father Angwin – or is he? In the most unlikely of places, a superstitious and dismal town that understands little of romance or sentimentality, where bad blood between neighbours is ancient and impenetrable, miracles begin to bloom. Fludd becomes lover, gravedigger, and saviour, transforming his dull office into a golden regency of decision, unashamed sensation, and unprecedented action. Knitting together the miraculous and the mundane, the dreadful and the ludicrous, Fludd is a novel about alchemy and transformation.