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UK - Review/ Hodder Headline

Forever and Ever Amen

By Joe Pemberton

Published Jan 2010

Cadogen Street: a street like any other in Moss Side at the end of the sixties. Except, perhaps, for the wah-wah trumpets…

It’s a world of D-cups and Cross-Your-Heart bras, Mo-Jos and Whizzer and Chips, brand new flats that scrape the sky and stampeding herds of cows through the middle of Princess Road. All this to an accompaniment of a Winter Wonderland ‘Wall of Sound’: Motown, Mozart, Mantovani and great big dollops of candy-coated Top of the Pops.

But for James’s family, it’s also a world that looks back to the island of St Kitts: of mangoes the size of footballs, sinking ferries off the Caribbean sea, and the photographs in his mother’s album. She is now planning their move to a brand new semi-detached in Ashton-under-Lyne, where, James’s school friends reliably inform him, there are no bedwetters – and no black people. But that’s not before he sets off on his adventures with Aunty Mary from next door…

Joe Pemberton’s first novel is a magical depiction of childhood with more musical numbers than The Wizard of Oz.

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Please also see this website which includes an academic article entitled : Migration and Imagined Space in Joe Pemberton’s Novel Forever and Ever Amen by Dr Robert Crawshaw and Dr Corinne Fowler of Lancaster University.

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