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Freedom’s Frontier: Censorship in Modern Britain

By Donald Thomas

Published Jan 2010

How does censorship affect our basic right to freedom? Donald Thomas gives a disturbing insight into what those in power consider too dangerous to be seen, or said, by ordinary people. Both timely and thought-provoking, Freedom’s Frontier reveals how censorship has restricted freedom of expression in the past, including obscenity prosecutions of writers in the twentieth century, and continue to silence us in the present with the more insidious tool of political correctness.

From the use of seditious libel proceedings to stop rumours of George V’s bigamy, to the Mutiny Act used to silence Communist publications in the 1920s; from the use of the Official Secrets Act to ban the publication of Spycatcher, to the Salman Rushdie controversy in 1989, Thomas chronicles a broad range of censorship cases.

Although we have won greater freedom of expression in some areas, ultimately we have lost the absolute liberty of political expression that was enshrined by the Victorians in liberal theory. Freedom’s Frontier challenges the boundaries of censorship and questions the definitions of freedom in today’s society.

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