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UK - HarperCollins

The Gatekeeper. Life at the Heart of No.10

By Kate Fall

Published Mar 2020


A unique portrait of life behind-the-scenes at Downing Street – from David Cameron’s most high-profile female advisor.

The Gatekeeper is a very personal portrait of life, as a woman, at the centre of power. As Brexit discussions rail on, Fall offers an intimate account of the preceding seminal political years from the viewpoint of the ‘staffer’ rather than the more traditional memoirs of the ‘principals’- David Cameron and George Osborne, whom she worked alongside.

Fall takes us through eleven years of the Cameron project. From its inception and battle to win the soul of the Conservative party, through to life at No 10 during the coalition years. Reshuffles, relationships, routines, political scandals, births, deaths and the crises in between. Through two general elections and the surprise ‘sweetest of victories’ in 2015. Through two referendums, and finally to the third – the European referendum, and to the last days of the Cameron administration.

There is always the principal’s book – and then another which sheds light on an era in politics – and brings it to life. Fall’s book offers a different perspective – not just on the Cameron years but on life at the centre. About how it feels to be part of a dedicated, focused team all working to one aim. To live one’s life at such a pace under so much pressure; much of it so private, yet under the public gaze. To go home to your children and walk round the park. And for all this to be ‘normal’, for a while.