Jacket for 'Hell'


UK - Severn House
Germany - Bastei


By Hilary Norman

Published Jul 2011

The pretty gift-wrapped box floating in a toy dinghy looks innocent enough, but it holds a bloody secret: a human heart.

Nothing is more important to Detective Sam Becket than being able to keep his family safe. But when that gruesome package is found outside their home, he and Grace, his wife, fear it can mean only one thing: that Cal the Hater, the psychotic serial killer with a grudge against them, is back.

When a second grisly discovery is made in a crowded Miami Beach resort pool, for Becket, his partner, Martinez and rest of the squad, the great manhunt is back on.

Yet those troubles are nothing compared to the unthinkable nightmare that Grace is about to plunge into.

Suddenly, Sam’s greatest hell is watching his wife on the edge of the abyss and knowing there’s nothing he can do to help her.