Jacket for 'Hello, My Name is May'



Hello, My Name is May

By Rosalind Stopps

Published Apr 2019


Hello, it said, my name is May.  Please talk to me.


They wrote it on the wall above my bed.


May has been moved to a care home after her stroke.  She can’t communicate, all her words are kept inside.


She is sharp, quick, and funny, but only her daughter Jenny sees this, and Jackie, a new friend at the home who cares enough to look closely.

But when May encounters a stranger living in the room opposite hers, she is haunted by memories of her husband’s unpredictable rages.  The man seems so much live him.  And as he charms his way through the nursing home, focusing his attention on Jackie, all May can do is watch.

She is determined to help, but what can she do in her vulnerable, silent state?