Jacket for 'Hereward: End of Days'


UK - Transworld

Hereward: End of Days

By James Wilde

Published Apr 2015

1071. Five years have passed since the Norman’s crushing victory at Hastings. England reels under the savage rule of its new king. The North is a wasteland – villages razed, innocents slaughtered, land stolen. No atrocity is too great to ensure Williams’ iron grip upon the crown.

Rats feed upon the dead.

And now the Bastard’s cold gaze turns east, towards the last stronghold of English resistance. He will brook no further challenge to his power. His vast army masses; his machines of war are made ready.

In their fortress island of Ely, the rebels have put their faith in one man – a warrior, a leader and a master of the art of waging war: Hereward. He plans an uprising that will sweep the hated Norman king from the throne once and for all.

But Hereward has vanished – and with him, it seems, England’s hope of liberty. Can he really have abandoned his people just as William begins the devastating assault that will surely mark the end of days…