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Hitmen I Have Known

By Bill James

Published Jan 2019


A Harpur and Iles mystery

Tensions in the community are mounting following the gruesome deaths of two men, both of whom were accused yet acquitted of the murder of an undercover police officer. It looks like vigilante justice, but who is responsible? Alarmingly, suspicion falls on Assistant Chief Constable Iles.

Matters escalate when a TV show investigating the murders is aired, further implicating Iles. Iles seems at ease with the accusations, as are his superiors in the police force. But others are not feeling so secure.

Local crime bosses Ralph Ember and Mansel Shale fear reprisals against Iles will result in their own businesses suffering. And so they begin to plan how to remove potential troublemakers from their path . . .

The often amusing, infallibly precious dialogue and self-reflexive asides will remind many readers of [Henry] James.
Kirkus Reviews on Close

Diverting … James’s constant wordplay keeps the pages turning.
Publishers Weekly on First Fix Your Alibi

A crime caper that is as hilarious as it is violent. A must for Donald E. Westlake fans.
Booklist Starred Review of Blaze Away

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