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Home. A Time Traveller’s Tales from Britain’s Prehistory

By Francis Pryor

Published Oct 2014

At the close of the Ice Ages, some twelve thousand years ago, people began to return to the emerging British Isles. But what would their lives have been like back then? Were they a long, ghastly struggle for survival? Did they devote their entire, impoverished existences to chasing elusive animals and grubbing around for edible roots – or was there more to it than that?

In Home, Francis Pryor explores the questions that have lain at the heart of a lifetime spent delving into our past: from Yorkshire to the West Country, through freezing winters and fierce summers, mud and hurricanes, frustrated journeys and euphoric discoveries. Pryor unearths extraordinary evidence of domestic communities: families who, in living together, built not just house but homes. It was the home, Pryor agues, which lay at the heart of some of the most profound advances in human society, from cooking to farming, and which enabled people to settle, for the first time, the country that would come to be known as Britain.

Evocative and intimate, Home shows how our prehistoric ancestors created the institution that remains at the heart of the way we live – and reveals, too, the strange, unexpected magic of connecting with our shared past.