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Honourable Friends? Parliament and the Fight for Change

By Caroline Lucas

Published Mar 2015

As Britain’s first Green MP, Caroline Lucas is an outsider at the heart of Parliament. In this book she sets out what is wrong with politics, why it matters, and what we can do about it. From the NHS, fracking and the War on Terror, to climate change, corporate tax evasion and the sexism of Page 3, this is the story of five remarkable years in Westminster. Honourable Friends? Offers bold and practical suggestions for a fairer British political system. It is an urgent and vital book by a unique politician.

So many of us are struggling with the crisis at the centre of this important book: we know our political systems are hopelessly broken but we also know that our collective challenges are too big, and too urgent, to be tackled through outside pressure alone. We need a new kind of politics, outside and inside at once. Caroline Lucas is perfectly positioned to share hard-won wisdom that will help us chart this crucial course.

Naomi Klein

As an MP Caroline Lucas has compromised none of her principles and has shown many others the way real true change could be achieved. She is an exceptional Member of Parliament and a pointer to the way politics could yet be in this country.

Jon Snow

Where there is Caroline Lucas, there is hope. For the past five years hers has been almost a lone voice of sense and vision in a political system that has been captured and crushed by a cold-hearted elite.

George Monbiot

An honest, absorbing and often very funny look at how British democracy really works. Lucas makes a compelling case for the radical reform of our arrogantly outdated political system.

Melissa Benn

These words will empower and inspire all of us who believe our democracy is under threat, and desperately want to do something about it.

Owen Jones

Caroline Lucas is exactly what you would hope an MP to be. She’s honest, truthful, always in pursuit of fairness, never motivated by self-interest. She’s a wonderful MP. We need more like her.

Brian May

By sheer force of personality, Parliamentary insistence and dogged commitment to the chamber, the committees, the procedures of the house, she has advanced her causes. It shows that it can be done. She has made one hell of an impact in the House.

Mr. Speaker, John Bercow

If you have ever flirted with the notion that no MP is worth voting for I would recommend you read this book.

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