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How to Make a Friend

By Fleur Smithwick

Published Oct 2014

Loneliness is a sickness that grabs at the ribs and holds on tight. It doesn’t show on her face, but everyone knows it’s there, and nobody wants to catch it.

Alice is quiet for her age, and very lonely. Bullied at school and ignored by her preoccupied and dysfunctional family, Alice has only one friend – Sam. Alice and Sam go everywhere together, do everything together. That is, until Alice grows up, and grows away from Sam.

As a teenager, she is inseparable from her best friend Rory, and infatuated with his beautiful and unattainable older brother, Jonathan. As she gets older she gets more confident, Jonathan even starts to notice her – and Alice’s childhood awkwardness falls away.

Until, the night of her father’s wedding, there is a terrible accident, and Sam reappears in her life. But Sam might not be what he seems, and he might not be as nice as Alice remembers…

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