Jacket for 'Inspector Chopra and the Million Dollar Motor Car'


UK - Hodder & Stoughton
Sweden - Nypon och Vilja

Inspector Chopra and the Million Dollar Motor Car

By Vaseem Khan

Published Jan 2018

An enchanting Baby Ganesh Agency short story: a million-dollar car is missing. Chopra has two days to find it, or the gangster who bought it will not be happy.
The Premier No.1 Garage is the place to go in Mumbai if you want a luxury car. Even Mumbai’s biggest gangster shops there – he’s just ordered a classic race car worth millions.
But now the car is gone. Stolen from a locked room, in the middle of the night.
Who stole it? The mechanic who is addicted to gambling? The angry ex-worker? The car thief pulling off one last job?
And how on earth did they make it vanish from the locked garage?
Inspector Chopra has just days to find the culprit – and the missing car – before its gangster owner finds out … and takes violent revenge.