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UK - Bloomsbury

Invisible River

By Helena McEwen

Published Jan 2010

Sometimes you walk through an invisible curtain in the air that divides one atmosphere from another. It’s a gentle thing, but within the gentleness is something that could completely rearrange you. Evie has left her father, her life in Cornwall and her childhood to begin a new life at art school in London. At first the great city provides a world of inspiration and her paintings are filled with colour and fantasy as she begins to escape within it. But this new life is shattered when her alcoholic father arrives and pulls her back into her past. As Evie struggles to carry on with the life she has been building, her fears and memories are never far away. The dreams and the nightmares come together on the canvas of Evie’s young life and it is her new friends, the city she has fallen in love with, and most of all, her growing friendship with a talented young sculptor, that must hold her together. An artist herself, Helena McEwen draws together the themes of art, love, friendship and memory in a story filled with hope.

An artist who brings a painter’s eye to her fiction; Invisible River is about looking, seeing and understanding, about passing through the invisible curtain that separates one reality from another.Shena Mackay, Guardian

McEwen writes with such conversational ease and displays such an artist’s eye that the novel rarely fails to charm. Who knew innocence could be so engaging?Financial Times

A gorgeously written, hopeful novel about female friendship, plangent memories and the poignancy of first love – the book is a hymn to colour. Herald

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