Jacket for 'Ironheart'


UK - Macmillan Children's Books


By Allan Boroughs

Published Apr 2013

Thirteen year old India Bentley lives in a moldering village on the shores of the Lake London. When her step-mother announces that India will have an arranged marriage to the odious Mr Clench, she runs away in search of her father – missing and presumed dead in Siberia. Accompanied by a tough and beautiful tech-hunter, Verity Brown, and her faithful bodyguard, a salvaged war droid named Calculus, India travels to Siberia where they follow the clues left by India’s father to find Ironheart, a fabled underground storehouse containing all the treasures of the old-world.

But Siberia is a dangerous country and others are also looking for Ironheart. Tech-hunters, oil pirates and outlaws, under the control of the murderous Lucifer T Blackstone, pursue India across the wilderness. But it is India’s meeting with the two hundred year-old Great Shaman that reveals what is really under the mountains at Ironheart and why the first person to find it will decide the fate of the entire world.

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