Jacket for 'Julianna Kiss'

Julianna Kiss

By Hannah MacDonald

Published Jan 2010

May 1990 and Julianna Kiss, twenty years old and supremely innocent, has arrived in England from rural Hungary. She has come to pick fruit, to earn money to support her studies and to explore the country where her grandmother was born. Fifty years before, her grandmother had travelled in the other direction, into the gathering storm of the Second World War. Her grandmother’s stories of love and danger whilst travelling through continental Europe have fed Julianna’s adolescence and when, during a cloudless summer, Julianna falls in love with the farmer’s son, she feels her life has finally begun.

In September of the same year, the idyll shatters as she hears of her grandmother’s death. Julianna arranges to meet Matthew in London on her way home to Hungary but interference, a misunderstanding and a theft leaves her living penniless and alone in London. Cleaning offices by night, mending clothes by day, Julianna survives on the margins of city life and discovers her own strength for the first time….until a powerful man notices her in the shadows, and draws her into the light again.

Julianna Kiss is a novel of Victorian scope; about money and freedom, the dangers of being rescued and the redemptive power of love.

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