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UK - Heinemann
USA - Counterpoint
Portugal - Civilizacao


By Tim Pears

Published Jan 2010

During a troubled childhood with a feckless mother, Owen Ithell’s only real stability comes from long summers on his grandparents’ small farm in the Welsh hills. There he is deeply impressed by the quiet, vivid landscape and his grandfather’s primitive relationship with his animals and the land. As an adult he strives for the strong family connections he missed as a child. He adores his children. He loves his wife…

But when Owen swerves off the road to avoid a brown dog – which later no one else appears to have seen – he causes a tragic accident. His firstborn daughter is killed and he loses a hand. Unable to work, alienated and disconnected from his remaining family, Owen is haunted by guilt and despair. In a final effort to reconnect to the life he once loved, he abducts his children and embarks on a long, fateful journey, walking to the Welsh borders of his childhood.

Powerful, richly evocative and perfectly poised between the hope of redemption and the threat of irrevocable tragedy, Landed is Tim Pears’ most assured and beguiling novel to date.

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